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Juliana Hatfield: Instincts on Overdrive  |  Premier Guitar

It’s clear from the first few lines of Juliana Hatfield’s bold new album Pussycat that this is a record with a mission statement. In today’s political climate, it’s easy to guess the intended target of songs like “When You’re a Star,” “Kellyanne,” and “Short-Fingered Man.” But what makes this rich 14-song collection more than just a momentary reflection of the times is that Hatfield rarely succumbs to sloganeering or naked attacks (the song “Rhinoceros” being one notable exception). Instead, her words vividly illustrate the personal impact of attitudes and behaviors in stark, often jarring terms. The issues she tackles existed before 2016 and will continue long after Twitter ceases to be the bully pulpit...

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Juliana Hatfield: 2017 | FUV LIVE

For anyone that came up in the late '80s and early '90s, the alt-rock coming out of Boston was indispensable and had a huge role to play in the sonic landscape: Pixies, ‘Til Tuesday, Morphine, the Lemonheads, and, of course, our FUV Live guest Juliana Hatfield...

Hatfield was once a member of the aforementioned Lemonheads and Blake Babies, but in 1991 she struck out on her own, eventually forming the Juliana Hatfield Three a couple of years later.

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Juliana Hatfield: Pussycat | PopMatters

Juliana Hatfield has often seemed like a difficult artist making very agreeable music. She’s had a complicated history, ups and downs with the media, a flash of stardom followed by something more like cult status. Yet, more often than not, the music itself is a bottle rocket of joy.

Not that she writes happy tunes, exactly. They are as often as not songs about conflict, tiny short stories in song form, raw and artful at once. But her ability to write a great melody and wed it to an irresistible hook is one of the finest in the last 30 years...

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impossible song: An interview with Juliana hatfield | performer magazine

On April 28th, American Laundromat Records will release Pussycat, Juliana Hatfield’s fifteenth studio album. Hatfield says she experienced a productive variety of rage in response to last year’s presidential race and the deeply troubling sociopolitical climate it was both born of and perniciously sustaining. But while the politics and the language of rage may be pronounced on Pussycat, to label it as an “anti-Trump album” is to be reductive on two accounts. First, it appeared quite obvious to this listener that the record is not so much a response to Donald Trump as it is a channeling of the long-held, easily-accessed, unassuageable fury one feels in the dominant culture of sexism, abuse, lookism, and degradation which Trump—though it of course predates him—has come to represent, perpetuate, minimize, sanitize, and reinforce...

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juliana hatfield: 5 albums that changed my life | TIDAL

Juliana Hatfield may have just released one of the best pop albums of the year — if not the best — with her latest record, Pussycat. Incongruously perhaps, it was written not in the least part in response to our current U.S. President.

This is far from the first time Hatfield has grappled with controversial topics — from her early days with the Blake Babies in the ‘90s to her solo work...

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Watch Piper interview Juliana at KidsInterviewBands.com

paste reviews pussycat

The current resident of the White House will likely inspire plenty of angry art during his time in office. Credit Boston indie-rock institution Juliana Hatfield with landing the first full-force blow. Pussycat is a relentless, unabashed and unvarnished reaction to the Trump presidency; a frequently gruesome, sometimes funny and even occasionally hopeful assault on the assaulter-in-chief...

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Watch Juliana perform three songs in the Paste Studio here.

Best Song ever: "Spin the bottle" by juliana hatfield | Elle

What's the soundtrack of your youth? In ELLE.com's Best Song Ever column, we revisit the tunes that made us who we are. In today's installment: the soundtrack to every teen crush, The Juliana Hatfield Three's "Spin the Bottle."

How did a 28-year-old woman capture the exact feeling of having a teenage crush? That's the spell indie-pop wizards The Juliana Hatfield Three cast with their 1995 hit "Spin the Bottle." A generation of young lovers sang along to this wink-nudge song—singer and guitarist Juliana Hatfield's kittenish, silvery vocals made listeners feel like any desperate longing could easily come true. Clocking in at just under 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the song became part of the '90s grunge canon when it was included on the Reality Bites soundtrack...

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Juliana Hatfield Responds to the Election With Music | The Leonard Lopate Show WNYC

Rock singer/songwriter Juliana Hatfield joins The Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC to discuss her new album, “Pussycat.” Hatfield wrote the album as a reaction to the 2016 presidential election. It features songs like “Short-Fingered Man” and “Kellyanne.” 

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Juliana hatfield: pussycat review | paste magazine

The current resident of the White House will likely inspire plenty of angry art during his four years time in office. Credit Boston indie-rock institution Juliana Hatfield with landing the first full-force blow. Pussycat is a relentless, unabashed and unvarnished reaction to the Trump presidency; a frequently gruesome, sometimes funny and even occasionally hopeful assault on the assaulter-in-chief...

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Pitchfork reviews pussycat

Juliana Hatfield’s new album is her angriest by a landslide. It’s packed with scathing vignettes about predatory men, particularly the one currently leading the free world.

It was supposed to be the moment Donald Trump lost the election. Republicans bolted by the dozens, rescinding their endorsements and calling for him to drop out. Paul Ryan uninvited him to a rally. His own party chairman denounced him, and even Mike Pence, perhaps the most unwavering of all of Trump apologists, seemed to tease the possibility of turning on his running mate. And then somehow, with remarkable speed, the news cycle moved on. Within just a few weeks, the press seemed to completely forget about that unprecedented video of a presidential candidate admitting to—graphically bragging about—serial sexual assault...

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The Divisive Presidential Election Helped Indie Singer-Songwriter Juliana Hatfield Overcome Writer's Block | cleveland scene

Singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield admits that bands had it good back in the '90s. Major labels took notice of the thriving indie rock scene and signed acts that probably wouldn’t be signed in today’s cash-strapped climate.

“I was not a happy person, so for me, it was kind of miserable,” she says in a recent phone interview. She performs at 8 p.m. on April 29 at Mahall's 20 Lanes in Lakewood. “But it was great in that everyone was getting signed. Everyone had this chance to get their music to a large number of people. I feel very grateful that I had that opportunity. It came and went pretty fast for a lot of people. There were a lot of great bands here in Boston when I was starting out...

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Juliana Hatfield bites back on political protest album ‘Pussycat’ | MetroWest daily news

For some, the Trump Administration and a breathless, 24-hour news-cycle are a source of much anxiety. That’s true for Juliana Hatfield, too, but these fraught times have also meant a watershed period of creativity.

Hatfield’s forthcoming new album, “Pussycat,” not only was a surprise to its artist, but also ended what the Duxbury-bred rocker described as a few years of flagging productivity with a burst of new songs – and new energy.

“I was feeling really uninspired there for a bit, and felt I had nothing to say,” she said. “I’ve written a lot of songs. But when the presidential election happened, I just started needing and wanting to write again all of a sudden...

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Juliana Hatfield releases new music video, performs Chicago | chicago pride.com

Boston singer Juliana Hatfield has carved out a career in alternative rock over the years. From groups like the Blake Babies, Some Girls, and her own band The Juliana Hatfield Three she is known for her sunny signature sound with hard hitting guitars. 

While studying at the Berklee College of Music she met the other members of the Blake Babies in 1986. She went solo and spawned several college radio hits like “My Sister” and “Spin the Bottle” off the Reality Bites soundtrack. 

Her latest effort Is called Pussycat and features the new single “Short Fingered-Man.” This brings her to Chicago on May 1 at Lincoln Hall, and she talked on the phone about it before her arrival...

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Juliana Hatfield finds purpose in politics on anti-Trump album Pussycat | A.V. Club

Juliana Hatfield and Kellyanne Conway were both born in 1967. Had the Boston alt-rock heroine and villainous White House advisor grown up together, they probably wouldn’t have been besties. “You’re so hard, like a rock in my shoe, like every bitch in high school,” sings Hatfield on “Kellyanne,” a song that sums up the bulk of her 14th solo album, Pussycat. Hatfield was apparently planning on taking a break from songwriting, but after Donald Trump’s victory, she was moved to bash out these 14 tight and tidy grunge-pop tunes, playing everything herself...

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Hatfield fires back | New Haven Independent

Donald Trump and Bill Cosby took it on the chin onstage at Cafe Nine Saturday night. Even if you couldn’t make out the words.

The words matter in an album’s worth of new songs indie rocker Juliana Hatfield brought to the Crown Street club during a stop on her latest national tour. But their honesty and raw power came through even when the syllables were indistinct.

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Juliana Hatfield seeks refuge in nostalgia on new song “Wonder Why” — listen | Consequence of sound

Plus, the Boston-based songwriter answers a few questions about politics and her new album, Pussycat

When writing her forthcoming new album, PussycatJuliana Hatfield was inspired by the same bastard of a muse calling to many artists these days: the mess that is our current political and cultural climate. The album’s lead single, “Impossible Song”, addressed this head-on, admitting she wants to “blow my top” in “these contentious times.” It’s a call for civility and common ground, but sometimes screaming for peace can just make you more upset. It’s in times like that when it helps to think back to better days, which is exactly what Hatfield does on her new single, “Wonder Why"...

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